Retirement Fund for Religious

Retirement Fund for Religious. There will be a second collection next Sunday, December 16, to support the archdiocesan retirement fund for religious. Please be as generous as means allow.

Sunday Socials

Sunday Socials are back, at least on a limited basis. Join us at Gardens of Salonica Restaurant at 19 5th Street NE (just down the road from the church) following the 10:30 AM Mass next Sunday, December 16. Parking is available in the Wells Fargo lot across the street. It is hoped to have this every third Sunday of the month to start off; if it proves successful, then another Sunday could be added. It’s a lovely setting and we are grateful to the restaurant owners for their hospitality!

St. Joseph Men’s Guild, December 12

The St. Joseph Men’s Guild will meet on Wednesday, December 12, beginning with Mass at 7:00 PM, followed by Benediction. Confession will be available at 6:30. Husbands and fathers, as well as those aspiring to marriage, are always encouraged to attend.

Direct Deposit is now available!

Direct Deposit is now available!

Weekly or monthly donations and tithes can now be made via direct deposit! This can be done by clicking on the new “Online Giving” link on the parish website. The link is user-friendly and should be self-explanatory.

  • To set up recurring donations, click the “First Time?” button and create an account. 
  • One-time “Quick” gifts are also possible through this link without logging in.
  • A ConnectNow Giving App can also be downloaded to the phone, should that float one’s boat.

While direct deposit is encouraged, check and cash donations are still welcome. However, the envelope system will be discontinued at the end of November. After that time, for cash donations to be credited for tax purposes, please be sure to put your name and address on the envelope that is used so it can be identified and recorded. Thank you!

2019 Calendars

2019 Calendars from the FSSP are now available in the vestibule. Suggested donation is $10/calendar. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Projects Update

The following work on the campus has been completed, contracted, or is being considered: 

  • A new water line has been run to the church.
  • A dampener will be installed that should effectively reduce the blower noise in the church.
  • An architect has been hired to put together plans for a new parish hall, to include classrooms and bathrooms for the church.
  • The parish center has been winterized and bids will be obtained for its demolition.
  • New and much-needed windows will be installed in the rectory in January.