Additional Prayers at Mass

Upon making some inquiries with the archdiocesan office of worship and getting a favorable response, additional collects will be added at the Sunday Masses. These were formerly prescribed before 1962, and included a prayer for our Lady’s intercession or for the suffrage of all the saints, and then a third either for the well-being of the Pope or for protection of the Church against her enemies. Given the present-day trials the Church endures, there is no more fitting way than to implore God’s assistance than from the altar at Holy Mass. Please unite your own sentiments for the Church’s welfare and interior healing with these prayers.

Candlemas – February 2

Bishop Cozzens regrettably had to cancel (but will now come for Holy Thursday!). Still, there will be a Solemn Mass at 9:00 AM beginning with the blessing, distribution and procession of candles in honor of our Lady. Plan to attend this most fitting close of the Christmas liturgical season before we transition into Lent. Please note that, due to the preparations needed for the Mass, there will not be exposition and Benediction Saturday, February 2.

Day of Penance, January 22

Tuesday, January 22 is the 46th anniversary of the infernal Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in this country. The USCCB has mandated that this day as a day of penance that can be of one’s own choosing. Along with typical things like fasting or abstinence, positive penances are encouraged which can come in the form of saying an extra Rosary, attending Holy Mass, etc., all with the intention of reparation for the crime of abortion and the restoration of the dignity of human life within the conscience of our country. The USCCB has mandated that the votive Mass for peace be said on this day (violet vestments).

Blessed Chalk and Epiphany Water

Blessed Chalk and Epiphany Water are available in the vestibule. The chalk is blessed in honor of the three wise men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, and is used to inscribe the symbol 20 + C + M + B + 19 over the exterior lintels of entry doors to a house or apartment,
invoking the protection of these saints over all who reside or enter the home. The Epiphany water can be used just as you would holy water.

First Communion Registration due Jan 6

Please fill out First Communion Registration Forms (available in the vestibule) and return by January 6. Please note that registration is open to registered and attending parishioners only. Classes will begin in late January and First Communion will be in May. If there is a question about a child’s readiness, please contact Fr. Saguto.