Direct Deposit is now available!

Direct Deposit is now available!

Weekly or monthly donations and tithes can now be made via direct deposit! This can be done by clicking on the new “Online Giving” link. The link is user-friendly and should be self-explanatory.

  • To set up recurring donations, click the “First Time?” button and create an account. 
  • One-time “Quick” gifts are also possible through this link without logging in.
  • A ConnectNow Giving App can also be downloaded to the phone.

While direct deposit is encouraged (45% of the parish is enrolled), check and cash donations are still welcome. As the envelope system has been discontinued, for cash donations to be credited for tax purposes, please be sure to put your name and address on the envelope that is used so it can be identified and recorded. Thank you!

Day of Penance, January 22

Tuesday, January 22 is the 46th anniversary of the infernal Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in this country. The USCCB has mandated that this day as a day of penance that can be of one’s own choosing. Along with typical things like fasting or abstinence, positive penances are encouraged which can come in the form of saying an extra Rosary, attending Holy Mass, etc., all with the intention of reparation for the crime of abortion and the restoration of the dignity of human life within the conscience of our country. The USCCB has mandated that the votive Mass for peace be said on this day (violet vestments).

Pack ‘n’ Purge – Saturday, January 26

With the preparation for the Parish Center demolition in its final stages, volunteers are needed to help clear the building out for either storage or trash. A “pack ’n’ purge” work day has been scheduled for Saturday, January 26 following the morning Mass, hosted by the men of the St. Joseph’s guild. The salvage yards have been through the building and the library has already been moved to the convent, so most of the work entails packing and moving items to the semi-trailer for longterm storage or on-site in the garages. It will be a full afternoon of manual labor. While many hands make light work, due to some hazards involved with the building and this project, it is requested that young children not participate in this event. Thank you!

Blessed Chalk and Epiphany Water

Blessed Chalk and Epiphany Water are available in the vestibule. The chalk is blessed in honor of the three wise men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, and is used to inscribe the symbol 20 + C + M + B + 19 over the exterior lintels of entry doors to a house or apartment,
invoking the protection of these saints over all who reside or enter the home. The Epiphany water can be used just as you would holy water.

Blessing for Expecting Mothers

Any expecting mother is most encouraged to receive the special pregnancy blessing. Please ask one of the priests if you have not yet received this blessing.